Women’s Self Defense Classes

The women’s self-defense course that is currently taught by the IBS began in 1977 after Police Officer Reynolds became aware the programs for civilian (non-martial artists) women in the Albuquerque area were not realistic and most were too complicated.

Reynolds combined research on hundreds of assault cases from police reports, interviews with victims and even the offenders themselves to come up with his program. One of the main things found lacking in other programs of the time was they did not include full contact. The other programs only had the women go through the moves with light or no contact. Reynolds realized that as students of real combat, the ladies of his class needed to see what it was like to really be grabbed, screamed at, and allowed to strike out or in other ways use the same force in practice that they would in a real attack! Then if the real thing happened to them they would not freeze up or lack the power to do what was needed. Today, most programs have a well protected attacker and the students are encouraged to use the full force of their techniques.

The other things that made Reynolds’ program different was he used the attacks that he was seeing in his research as well as what he learned from being a victim himself. While on the police department he worked as a “decoy” victim to arrest those who pray on the weak. He found that many if not all of the teachers of self defense were teaching theory, because they had little or no experience regarding what really happened in real attacks.

And finally, Reynolds used what he had learned on the streets. The use of Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action to overcome an attacker. All the techniques were made to be as simple and as similar as possible because he was not training martial artists who would spend the next 5 or 10 years training several days a week. He was training regular women who would do little training outside of the one-time class.

The program was 16 weeks of two classes a week but few women had the time to make it to all the classes. It was eventually shrunk down and evolved into a 4 hour seminar held on one day. He found it better to have a student’s full attention for 4 hours than spotty attendance for several weeks. Reynolds and his program were innovative for their time and covered in several magazines like INSIDE KUNG FU, and BLACK BELT, along with many local newspapers and TV.

Starting in 1977, Reynolds has taught the program to over 35,000 men, women, and children, not counting bodyguards, police and military. He has had many students report their successful defenses against attackers after attending his courses and has never had anyone report back that they had failed or a technique had not worked. The programs also cover self defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, and kubotans, along with improvised weapons for self defense.

You can contact us for class information or to attend a class.

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