Classical Martial Arts Training

After Hanshi Reynolds’ injury in 1994, he closed his commercial dojo thinking his teaching career was over. When he was officially retired as a Department of Energy Police Officer in 1996, his doctors advised him to continue to teach as a form of rehabilitation and therapy. So, he continued to train and took on a few of his loyal students and as we now know, eventually that small group evolved into what is now known as White Wind Wen Wu.

Hanshi Reynolds does not receive compensation for his teaching in the way of money and actually pays membership dues along with his Albuquerque headquarters students. The amount of the dues is about one forth of what a commercial dojo in Albuquerque is charging at the time of this writing in 2011. All monies gained from this or any other fees, for training or other activities goes into the IBS/Wen Wu general fund and is used to support various charities, travel to related martial arts events or used for gatherings and other society activities. Both the IBS and Wen Wu are “Not for profit” organizations.

Hanshi Reynolds conducts a seminar.

Many times Hanshi Reynolds and other students have given free training and seminars to the general public as a public service. However this can’t always be the case and small fees for various training must be collected to help sustain both organizations.

The Headquarters dojo in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U. S. A. keeps a small roster so that the teacher-student ratio is more conducive to learning, and space is also limited. There is currently a waiting list of individuals wanting to study full time under Sensei Reynolds.

Reynolds does do private tutoring for martial artists on a limited basis and also allows Wen Wu students and instructors to visit his dojo to attend class and receive special training in his fighting techniques for a limited time, usually a week to 10 days depending on where the student is coming from and what their level of training is. The fees for this training vary and are decided on an individual basis. Persons interested in training should leave their information on the “Contact Us” page of this site. What training you receive will be decided by Sensei Reynolds after reviewing the information of the individual student. Please note, Sensei Reynolds will not give advanced training to a student he deems to be a beginning or intermediate student.

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