IBS Services

IBS membership is open to any type of martial arts style and is a social/fraternal organization which gathers its members from like minded artists and groups throughout the world.

Classical martial arts: A classical approach to training in a combative and therapeutic system using a combination of movements gathered from many different styles.

Women’s self defense: A 4 hour seminar based on over 20 years of research and real street experience to train women to defend against many of the most likely types of attack and the simplest ways to avoid or defend against them.

Firearms Training: Concealed carry certification and beginning to advanced level training in all types of firearms and tactics.

Classes in other non lethal defense are also available to include kubaton and other related Yawara type weapons, as well as chemical pepper sprays and the Taser.

Training classes are taught on a limited basis. Contact us for more information on costs and schedules, and IBS membership.

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