August 22, 2011 John Coffman retired from active membership in the IBS.

Larry Young has replaced him as honored President of the Roju (Council of Elders)

Mr. Young is a Charter Member of the Society and a long time student of martial arts and has served as a senior member of the council since July of 2000. The Society and Hanshi Reynolds are honored to have him as the new president of the council and look foreword to his long and valued leadership.

A special ceremony was held at the headquarters dojo to officially welcome Mr. Young as the 3rd member to hold the official title as President of the IBS Council of Elders. We are honored to have you as President Mr. Young. For more information on Mr. Young see Distinguished Members.

Effective September 1, 2014, Konstantin Toporkov has been named by Hanshi Reynolds as the IBS/White Wind Wen Wu Official Representative for the Country of Belarus. Today, Konstantin Toporkov is the only active student in Belarus from all former students of Alexander Kozyrev. Also he holds 4th Dan in White Wind Wen Wu. This new position of Konstantin Toporkov should in no way diminish the position of Oleg Sheprut in his position as IBS Representative of Eastern Europe.

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