White Wind Wen Wu and its relationship to the IBS

White Wind Wen Wu (WWWW) is a martial system devoted to the scholarly study and application of combat methods both modern and ancient (see page on history). This martial system was founded by Rick Reynolds. It is a classical martial system in that it practices classic methods and traditions. Members hold Kyu and Dan rank and are recognized by international martial arts organizations.

Students of White Wind Wen Wu are invited on rare occasion by Mr. Reynolds to study, but in most cases the student must petition Mr. Reynolds with a formal letter, which is usually followed by ancient traditional ways where the applicant is either accepted or denied.

The International Bushido Society is a secret social society based on the ancient code of the Samurai, Bushido. It is NOT a martial system or style (see the introduction and overview). Rick Reynolds also founded the society. Members are usually but not restricted to being martial artists. Membership is by invitation only and must be sponsored by a member in good standing.  Members not  studying a formal martial art must be a student of some type of war art or other Asian art. They need not be a formal student with a teacher, but must be serious in their endeavor to learn about their topic of choice. The methods they choose to study their art are up to them. Their art must be approved by the society to qualify.

The WWWW and IBS are brother and sister in that they share the same father and their beings are intertwined much the same as family members. Each organization acts independent of the other but also functions as a support group for the other.

A person may be a White Wind Wen Wu student without being a member of the society and is not automatically invited or accepted as a member. That student would simply study the combat arts and not participate in society activities. Society members may study any style martial art to be a member. They are not required to be taught or exposed to certain techniques taught in the society inner circles however, so there is an overlapping between the two organizations. The other common bond is that the Council of Senior Elders (Roju) for both organizations is the same.

At the present time the same person heads both organizations. It is possible in the future that each group could have different people heading them.

As you can see, we are a unique group and this can cause some confusion. I hope this explanation has made things more clear.

Special Notice

On December 25, 2002 Alexander Kozyrev of Belarus was inducted into the IBS. And shortly after became a student of White Wind Wen Wu finally attaining the status of senior student of Hanshi Reynolds.

Alexander Kozyrev was the founder and chief instructor of the BRPU, or the Belarus Republic Public Union of Ju-Jitsu and Self Defense with approximately 2000 students in Belarus and other countries in Eastern Europe.

Kozyrev and Hanshi Reynolds began awarding his senior students with membership in the IBS and some were further awarded by being allowed to also become students of White Wind Wen Wu.

In 2010 after his untimely death, Alexander Kozyrev’s BRPU was left under the care of Hanshi Reynolds, giving him complete authority to govern, give and revoke rank of all students from that school; this effectively brought them into the fold of White Wind Wen Wu.

As with many systems and schools of martial arts there has been a fracturing of the original school which Hanshi Reynolds is now dealing with.

More information can be found on this issue in other parts of this site.

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