Special Rank and Membership Information

This page is dedicated to special announcements for rank, awards, and membership. It will change from time to time and should be checked periodically for changes.

Just as in all organizations of any kind in the world there is always going to be those who will lie or otherwise give false information to gain position or status they do not deserve. In other cases a student or member of that organization will try to manipulate things for unfair advantage. When this occurs, it is important that the individuals involved should be acknowledged just as when a person excels.

It is unfortunate that this page should begin with the bad rather than the good, but that is the case here. In ancient martial arts it was not just the combat skills that made the warrior but many other virtues as well. Each dojo or system may choose some special things they wish to focus on but basically they are the things that make any group, organization, clan, village, or even country become what it is.  Some of the more common virtues are, Truthfulness, honor, loyalty, courage, veracity, and genuine politeness to name just a few.

A martial artist should be a shinning example of the best things a human being should strive to be. They should be held to a higher standard than others. But in all cases there are going to be those who only care to further their own selfish goals with no thought of what is right. And then sometimes a person does THE RIGHT THINGS FOR THE WRONG REASONS or THE WRONG THINGS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. But unfortunately there will always be those who simply DO THE WRONG THINGS FOR THE WRONG REASONS. With this said, it is the unpleasant duty of the IBS to report some of the more serious violations on this page. It is with deep regret this has to be done, but it does.

Special Notice Regarding Nikolay Vasiliev

In 2002 Vasiliev met with Hanshi Reynolds in a bid to become his student and a member of the IBS. The IBS membership was given and at the time Vasiliev told Hanshi Reynolds he held a much higher rank than his actual rank of 4th Dan. The rank along with his name was placed on his IBS membership certificate, and he was being considered to become a student in Wen Wu.

It was later revealed that Vasiliev was claiming higher rank than his 4th Dan using his IBS membership certificate as proof. THE IBS DOES NOT GIVE RANK! IT ONLY GIVES MEMBERSHIP. An investigation was done and on May 25, 2004, membership of Nikolay Vasiliev was revoked. Also, the membership of some of his students was revoked from the IBS for giving false information on membership application for personal gain. At that time and for several months after, Vasiliev, through one of his students, promised to return all certificates of membership for him and his students.

Fifteen years later he has not done this and till now claims to be a 9th Dan based on rank he never had to begin with. The IBS will not name his students who have their membership revoked because they were simply used by their instructor.

As the author Forrest Morgan points out in his book LIVING THE MARTIAL WAY, “Even technically competent masters can be dishonorable.” And, this is in no way a statement that in this case Vasiliev was neither “technically competent” or a “Master.” Only, a person with no shame who uses lies and dishonor to gain unearned rank and position. He is a disgrace to the martial arts.

Special Notice Regarding Dmitry Tyazhkorob

Dmitry Tyazhkorob was a young, up and coming martial artist when Hanshi Reynolds met him in 2005 during a visit to Belarus. He was young for his rank and position in the BRPU. Alexander Kozyrev took this young man under his wing when he was only 17 and not only taught him martial arts but treated him as a son for 17 years.

Then by his own admission to Hanshi Reynolds and his teacher, Kozyrev, he admitted that he had disabled the BRPU web site and also cut off all email contact between Reynolds and Kozyrev because he didn’t like the way the BRPU was being run. He admitted to being a traitor to his teacher and to his martial art.

After talking with and trying to give him every chance to redeem himself for many months by both teachers, on 10-15-2008 this misguided traitor had all rank, membership and awards REVOKED from the BRPU, Wen Wu and IBS.

Then, after the death of Alexander Kozyrev in 2010, Tyazhkorob opened his own martial arts organization. He asked permission to use the word Bushido in the name of this group to the head of the IBS and also asked for his support and backing. Then, without receiving this permission, he began teaching and using the word Bushido in the name of his group in addition to posting old photos of himself and other traitors wearing black belts and both BRPU and IBS patches. These lead unknowing students to believe he was endorsed and certified by these other groups.

Tyazhkorob has been contacted by Hanshi Reynolds to re-write some of his website information and delete any photos showing patches of the IBS, Wen Wu or the BRPU. He has complied. It must be noted at this time that Tyazhkorob and others who will be named, are now teaching and mis-representing their selves as Black Belts when in fact they are not. It is the sad duty of Hanshi Reynolds to tell the world and more importantly the students of these facts. There are other very sad details about this man’s behavior that will go untold at this time. It is a true pity that such people have dishonored their status as a martial artist. This man HOLDS NO MARTIAL ARTS RANK AT THIS TIME.

Special Notice Regarding Alexander Lukashun

Just before the events leading to his death, Alexander Kozyrev was going to revoke the black belt status and banish Alexander Lukashun from the BRPU, IBS and Wen Wu. This was for taking advantage of his rank and status as an instructor with junior students. Because this action was not taken at the time as intended, it is now being done as of September 2009. All rank, membership and awards are hereby REVOKED for Alexander Lukashun. He is now part of the organization of Dmitry Tyazhkorob and is wearing a black belt and misrepresenting himself to the world and to his students. He was advised of this revocation by Hanshi Reynolds through Dmitry Tyazhkorob. This man HOLDS NO MARTIAL ARTS RANK AT THIS TIME.

Special Notice of Revocation of Rank of the
Following Additional Individuals:

Following the wishes of the late Head of the BRPU, any black belt from the BRPU who joins himself with the traitor Dmitry Tyazhkorob will have his rank and position as teacher revoked. It is understood by Hanshi Reynolds that many of the former students of the BRPU and Alexander Kozyrev may have only aligned with Tyazhkorob to maintain the training of their students and did nothing else to warrant their rank revocation and they were not conspiring against their leader or the BRPU. Because of this, Hanshi Reynolds will investigate and entertain lifting the revocation of any person who drops their connection with Tyazhkorob and either trains and teaches under a certified Wen Wu instructor or group, or teaches a group on their own independent of Tyazhkorob.

Appeals to have rank and membership reinstated should be directed to Hanshi Reynolds through this web sight. Hanshi Reynolds will certify any rank or status of any Black Belt of any old BRPU teacher or his students who are not aliened with Tyazhkorob. See special announcement at the bottom of the page under Martial Arts for information on the BRPU.

From February 20, 2011 for the following persons have their RANK and MEMBERSHIP REVOKED, unless otherwise notified on this web page. Some persons may be revoked for other actions other than aliening with Tyazhkorob, but for actions taken against the IBS and WWWW or its head.

Alexander Bulanovich –
Dmitry Rischev –
Victor Kravtsov –
Anatoly Goncharov –
Victor Timofeyev –
Eugeny Timofeyev –

Special Notice Regarding Pastor Chris Cleveland

In approximately 1982 Cleveland met Hanshi Reynolds as an employee of his security company.

The lies began immediately upon meeting as Cleveland lied about his age to gain employment. That lie and the many that followed it could have been cause for Reynolds to lose his security license.

Reynolds began teaching his security employees martial arts to aid them in their work, to include Cleveland, and he eventually reached the rank of 1st Brown belt. It was about this time that Cleveland began to lie, steal, and commit fraud to support a drug habit. It got so bad that Reynolds had to separate himself from Cleveland and still had to settle two law suits because of the actions of Cleveland, not to mention the money that was stolen from him.

As a result of his drug habit, Cleveland eventually was put in prison for his actions and served some years before being paroled. It was at that time Cleveland contacted Reynolds to try and renew their relationship. Reynolds accepted Cleveland’s apology but never forgot what had happened in the past. But Cleveland had gotten religion while doing time and was a different man. Or so he wanted everyone to believe.

Reynolds not only took Cleveland back into his friendship but took up his martial training where it had left off. Reynolds helped Cleveland with tasks around his church and worked armed security for the money collected at the church services during Easter. But Reynolds was not seeing what he hoped for in Cleveland and his martial study. And all too soon it was clear that Cleveland would never have what was needed to become a black belt.

This showed it’s self when Cleveland studied to become a Pastor. On the outside it appeared he was doing God’s work with a halfway house for men, and many other projects that made him look good. But he does it for himself!

When Cleveland was done with what he wanted from Reynolds he dropped out of training got married and forgot he ever knew Reynolds! Hanshi Reynolds has called, left messages on Facebook, and physically sought out Cleveland just to get property that Cleveland had that belonged to Reynolds. One item and most important is the IBS notebook that took Reynolds over a year to write. Each one is assigned to a member and remains the property of Reynolds and the IBS. Cleveland has repeatedly said he would return that item and the Wen Wu Patches issued to him. But he refuses to actually do it. Hanshi Reynolds is now in the process of going to court with Cleveland to regain his property. WHAT KIND OF PASTOR, WHAT MAN OF GOD WILL TREAT ANYONE LIKE THIS MUCH LESS A MAN WHO TOOK HIM IN AND TREATED HIM LIKE A BROTHER AND GAVE HIM HIS FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE. But Cleveland will not have the decency to return someone’s property? Shame on you! Your martial arts rank is revoked. You are shameful.


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