Whereas: The International Bushido Society and White Wind Wen Wu Council of Elders has selected a worthy student to be awarded the title of Student of the Year.

Whereas: The Council of Elders has unanimously selected the following people as outstanding students from those submitted by their instructors.

Whereas: These students have distinguished themselves in a number of ways during their martial arts careers.

Therefore: Be it known to all persons that the listed persons are hereby declared International Bushido Society and White Wind Wen Wu Students of the Year by the authority of the Roju and Wakadoshiyori of the IBS and Wen Wu.

Note that while the IBS and Wen Wu were founded in 1999, the first award was not given out until 2004. It should further be noted that there is not always a student of the year award, depending on whether or not an instructor nominates a worthy candidate or not.

These are the past winners of this award. The rank indicated was the rank at the time of the award and their country.

2004 – Ann Waldorf 3rd Kyu Brown Belt (USA)

2005 – Alexander Kozyrev 4th Dan Black Belt (Belarus)

2006 – Sherry Daniel 3rd Dan Black Belt (USA)

2007 – Ralph Kemp 2nd Dan Black Belt (USA)

2008 – Star Ridsdale 3rd Dan Black Belt (USA)

2010 – Marina Tkacheva 2nd Dan Black Belt (Belarus)

2013 – Oleg Sheprut 4th Dan Black Belt (Russia)

2015 – Marcelo Martinez 3rd Kyu Brown Belt (Argentina)

2018 – Gennady Sergeyev 5th Dan Black Belt (Russia)

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