IBS Firearms Instructors Information

Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds

Rick Reynolds fired his first firearm at age 6 and hasn’t stopped since. While serving in the US Army, one of his many jobs was that of a Sniper for the Rangers in Vietnam. After the army he served his community as a Police Officer in Albuquerque NM. Rick was a member of the department’s Anti-Crime Team, Albuquerque’s first SWAT team and graduated from APDs first certified Police Instructor’s class in 1977. In 1982 he graduated from the State Law Enforcement Academy’s first Security Officer Firearms Instructor’s course enabling him to train and certify the state’s armed security officers.

Besides the Albuquerque Police Dept. Rick served as a training officer for the Cuba Police Dept and the Sandoval, Torrance, Bernalillo, and Valencia County Sherriff’s Depts. He also founded his own security company in 1980 training civilians, police and military in both unarmed and armed self defense.

In 1991 he became a Dept. Of Energy Police Officer until 1996 when he was retired from an injury he received in the line of duty. In 1992 Rick became an Instructor for the security company Hawk East, where he trained US civilian, police, military and foreign police and military units from all over the free world.

In January 2011, Rick completed the NRA Instructors Course for Basic Pistol, Home Defense, and Defense Away from Home courses to become qualified to certify NM concealed carry requirements. Up to this time Rick has trained 18,000 men and women in the proper use of firearms.

Ralph Kemp

Ralph Kemp has had a distinguished career serving in the US Marine Corps in Vietnam and then entering the Albuquerque Police Dept. in 1973. Kemp served in almost every conceivable street unit in the police dept but most notably as a 9 year member of the Special Operations Unit as a mounted officer and more importantly as a SWAT Team member for 9 years. During that time he was the team sniper and later as the Hostage Negotiator.

Ralph was certified as a General Police Instructor, SWAT Instructor, Crisis Negotiations Team Instructor, Street Gang Instructor, as well as Lead Instructor for Crisis Negotiation Team for the Department of Energy Central Training Academy. He has instructed Law Enforcement in these areas and more for over 25 years. Ralph was also the director of the National Junior Shooting Program for 10 years. Now Ralph retired as a Federal Police Officer for the Veteran’s Administration.

Mike Kleinfeld

Mike Kleinfeld

Mike Kleinfeld began his career in Law Enforcement as a Deputy for the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department in 1997. He also worked for the Moriarty City Police Department and then the State Department of Transportation as a Motor Transport Police Officer before transferring to the Albuquerque Police Department as a patrol officer, Tazer instructor, armorer, and ended up retiring a few years ago as a detective in the Major Crimes Division. He has also retired from teaching Concealed Carry certification for the state.

Mike has extensive training in firearms and is also a Less Than Lethal Taser Instructor.

Reynolds and Kemp have extensive real gunfight experience and all three instructors have more than 100 years of combined military, law enforcement, and civilian firearms experience.

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