Firearms and State Concealed Carry Training

The IBS is fortunate that it has three instructors who have extensive training and experience in the combat art of firearms. These instructors have a wealth of experience in both training and combat with firearms. Because of this, the IBS is able to offer a wealth of information in all types of firearms training. We are now certified instructors for the NRA and NM Department of Public Safety. We offer certification for the NM Concealed Carry license. We also offer training in all types of other combat and firearms safety classes in handgun, rifle, and shotgun.  These classes are custom tailored to the students in each class whither they are civilian, police, or military, with our focus on civilians.

Please view the New Mexico State Concealed Carry Training and Certification requirements.

Below is a partial list of classes offered by the IBS (but it is not limited to these):

  • Basic Firearms safety
  • How to choose the right firearm for you.
  • Firearms for Home Defense
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Defense Handgun
  • Firearms and the Law
  • New Mexico Concealed Carry Certification¬†(View the Concealed Carry Syllabus here.)
  • And many, many more

Please see the Instructors page and our pages on specific course information .


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