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In every group of people regardless of why they are gathered, there will always be those who stand out. Those who distinguish their self or stand out in a crowd. In a group of over 2500 members, there are always going to be more than a few. It would be impossible to highlight all who fit in this category but it is important that at least some of the important members be selected to have their short biographies available. The below listed people are but a few of the extraordinary group of martial students and IBS members in this humble group.

In writing the information for this web site I have found that this section has been the most difficult to do. As martial arts teachers, we continually work to have our students strive to follow sometimes difficult virtues in today’s complicated world. One of those virtues is humility. We tell our students they should be humble and then ask them to write about the things that make them distinguished in a large gathering of very distinguished individuals. With that said, it is no wonder to me that it has been much more difficult for me as Hanshi, to get a response from those I have asked to do this. I think many of them would rather endure a hard full contact workout than write about themselves.

The following is a very small number of outstanding people who comprise and reflect the larger. My thanks to those who, like every other task I give them, have been diligent in responding to my difficult request.

Thank you,
Rick Reynolds


Rick ReynoldsRick Reynolds was born in Albuquerque New Mexico in 1949. After high school he joined the army and served in the paratroops and Rangers as a sniper in Vietnam. After the army he went to the University of New Mexico and the University of Albuquerque and then joined the Albuquerque Police Department. Rick Spent 24 years in various law enforcement agencies in different capacities. Rick has one adult daughter and 3 grand children who live in Texas. Rick piloted hot air balloons for many years and has held two world records for flight, loves the out doors and spends time at his railroad caboose in the mountains outside Albuquerque when he can. He loves to ride his two motorcycles and often travels with his beloved dogs in the side car of his Harley. Rick has traveled much of the world and continues to do so whenever he can.

In 1994 he was struck by lightning (the 2nd of 3 times over the years) and took 6 years to recover enough to continue his life. While he still suffers from the effects of his injuries, he is very active in many things. Rick is a self taught artist and usually does pencil sketches to relax. He also loves photography and has many hundreds of photos of his life and adventures. He invented goggles for his motorcycle riding dogs (now called doggles) and has also designed vests to keep him and the dogs cool on the motorcycle in the hot deserts of the Southwest U.S. Rick’s passion is teaching, and always active, he is learning to dance at age 61. Rick has restored a 1952 army truck and is now working on a matching trailer.

Rick’s martial arts studies started at age10, in Judo, and continued when he began studying Taekwondo while serving in Vietnam. He has studied many different martial arts over the last 50 years and holds black belts in several different styles. He has been inducted into WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN MARTIAL ARTS, and the WORLD REAL COMBAT KEMPO HALL OF FAME. In 2010 he received his Red Belt Masters status. In 1999 Rick founded the International Bushido Society and his own system of combat martial arts called White Wind Wen Wu and has students in many US states and countries all over the world. The headquarters for both groups is in Albuquerque where he teaches both ancient martial arts and modern weapons training. For more information on Rick, see the other tabs in this web site.


Larry was born in 1953 in Winfield, Kansas. He has a Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri. Larry is an Engineer for Sandia National Laboratories in the Applied Aerospace Engineering & Advanced Concepts Department doing probabilistic range safety assessments for missile launches.

Larry is married and has 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. He spends his free time playing with his grandchildren and riding his 2005 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle.

Larry’s martial arts studies began in 1987. He holds black belt rank in 3 martial arts and is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt in White Wind Wen Wu. Larry is a Charter Member of Both Wen Wu and IBS and was one of the 4 original founding members of both groups. Larry has several awards and titles in IBS and Wen Wu and sits on the Council of Senior Elders. Larry loves to don the Red Man suit for full contact as he becomes the attacker in the IBS women’s self defense classes and Don testing. Larry holds the Fire and Bear Crest or Mon in Wen Wu and does his best to mimic a giant Grizzly Bear when he trains.


Mike was born in Denver, Colorado and went to high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He worked a variety of jobs before settling down in law enforcement in 1989. Mike is a true craftsman regardless of his job. He worked as a country Paramedic, Chef, and furniture maker, refining his skills in all three. Mike is married and has 3 step children. Mike lives in the county outside Albuquerque and has 2 large dogs. He continues to love to cook and when he’s not doing that or riding his vintage 1985 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, he is building pipe organs in his wood shop for people all over the U. S. If that isn’t enough to keep him busy in his spare time, he is also a sail plane (Glider) pilot and also flies remote controlled air planes and helicopters. All of this of course is when he isn’t perfecting his martial arts or working as a Detective for the Major Crime Team (CSI), Albuquerque Police Department. Mike began his career in Law Enforcement in 1989. Besides that assignment, Mike is also a certified Police Instructor, Taser Instructor and Armorer and has a 3 inch notebook full of other certifications.

Mikes martial arts training began in 1986 and he was awarded his first of three Black Belts, in Okinawan Kempo. He became a member of the IBS and a student of Wen Wu in 2002 and is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt. Mike serves as a member of the IBS Palace Guard (Security) and has numerous other awards and titles. He has been awarded the Wen Wu Crest or Mon of the Leopard, as well as the crest for Loyalty. Mike is an assistant instructor in Wen Wu and a main instructor in concealed carry certification, unarmed self defense, and as mentioned, is a Taser instructor and Albuquerque Police Department’s only Taser Armorer. With Mikes many skills, he is an invaluable member of the IBS.


Star Amber Nelson-RidsdaleStar was born in 1960 in Moorhead, Minnesota. She grew up on a farm with a love of music and Muscle cars, photography, the outdoors, and the lakes. Star moved away from the farm after school to make her own life. She went to work for Southwest Airlines for the ability to travel the world. She stayed with them for 18 years. Star started her path in martial arts after a near death experience while traveling in another country and now says she “came to the dojo and found her 2nd family and my love for Harleys.” She also says, “My brothers and sisters at the dojo have my utmost love and admiration, studying with them is a “Way” of life and not a class for a few hours.”

Besides filling her life with her martial studies, Star founded Southwest Therapy and Rehab which has grown to where she now has offices in several states. She had become a “Healer.”  Star was not satisfied with the healing powers she had learned and was always seeking more knowledge in the field. The way she explains it is that with this knowledge of how to help heal people, her life had become a true nirvana. The Webster’s Dictionary says Nirvana is “Any place or condition of great peace.” She had found her true career and love of helping others and thinks of it as “The constant reveling in making my part of the world a better place.” In doing so she found her passion was in helping others from ADD/ADHD kids, veterans and the rehabilitation of her patients. To do this, her studies have taken her to Brain Integration, kinesiology, massage therapy, herbalist, and naturopathic medicine. She is currently seeking her Doctorate in Naturopathy and says a holistic approach to healing of the whole body rather than just the symptom is the base idea behind her company.

As stated earlier, Star had a near death experience while traveling and realized that her lack of basic knowledge of self defense had almost gotten her killed! She began her martial arts study in Kempo Karate in 1988 where she got her first black belt. That is where she met Sensei Reynolds and eventually followed him to the IBS and Wen Wu. She now holds Black Belt rank in 3 martial arts and was promoted to 3rd Dan in Wen Wu in August of 2010. Star holds the title of “Inyo” or Honored Healer within the system and IBS and is a true asset in an activity where injuries are a common bi-product. Besides other awards and titles, Star has been awarded the crest or “Mon” of Deer. She is truly a distinguished member of both Wen Wu and the IBS.  Star has been a great help in the healing of Hanshi Reynolds’ many injuries.


Oleg J ShepruthOLEG J. SHEPRUTH- Oleg was born in Saint Petersburg Russia in 1965. He was the son of a Government Boss which enabled him to study Judo at the age of 11. After school he joined the Soviet Army and served in the prestigious Spetsnaz (Special Forces) where he furthered his study of martial arts. After the army, Oleg studied at the Saint Petersburg University majoring in psychology which he now says has become a hobby but also helps him in training students in martial arts. His grandfather was a painter which gave him an interest in painting and now it is also a hobby along with drawing. Oleg also is a poet and song writer. The winter is very cold in Saint Petersburg but in the summer Oleg and his wife like to ride bikes in the country. He also tells us that his wife did study Kenpo under him for a time and is very capable protecting herself using self-defense.   They also enjoy singing Karaoke as a duet which he says relaxes him. He also works out at a gym to help stay fit. Oleg has two daughters, one adult daughter and a daughter who was born in 2007. He says he is now waiting for grandchildren but as of now they are not Grandma and grandpa.

Oleg san began his study of what they called Judo-self defense at age 11 but it was actually Kenpo. At that time in the USSR, it was illegal to study Kenpo openly and if convicted of this “crime” one could do time in a Gulag. Oleg feels he was very fortunate at that time to have Sensei Nick Nickiforov who trained police and the son of police officers. He says now that it is clear that Sensei Nickiforov taught them some very good Okinawa Kenpo. As time pasted he was inspired by the founder of Kyokushinkai Karate, Mas Oyama and focused his training on that style. Oleg points out that in the 80s and 90s in Russia was much like the Mafia gang wars of the 20s and 30s in the US! He says that people who had been athletes (boxers, and kick boxers) and simple criminals didn’t want to, “miss a chance at getting real money as quickly as possible” and “have their piece of cake in the name of Russia.” The time was called “The new civil war.” In Russia and about 2 million people were killed. He said you could either be a cop or a gangster and the other people were slaughtered like sheep, “without mercy.” Oleg chose to be a cop or “G Man” as he put it. So the army taught him about real combat and after he got out he was a bodyguard for a time. Oleg studied two other martial arts, boxing from a well known and famous Russian boxer and more importantly a good street fighter! And the second was kick boxing where he earned his first black belt and more importantly street fighting because of the “civil war” many times problems had to be “solved using fists and handy weapons”  just to survive this war. He was never a student of sport Karate and is another student and instructor, like Reynolds, of real combat martial arts. Oleg san holds black belt rank in several styles and is a 10th Dan in three! He also is a member of the IBS and a 3rd Dan in Wen Wu. He was recruited by Alexander Kozyrev not long before his untimely death. Oleg san we are happy to have you in our organization. It is an honor. You can see more about Soke Oleg Shepruth and his organization in our link to his web site:

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