The Council Of Senior Elders

The Council of Senior Elders or Roju is comprised of two sub-groups of IBS members and Wen Wu students chosen by the Hanshi to serve both the IBS and Wen Wu in an advisory capacity. The duties of the council include but are not limited to advising the Hanshi or heads of both organizations, if they are different, in policies and the day to day operations, assessing prospective new members, and evaluating students for promotions.

Starting at the top left clockwise: John Coffman, Pres. Rick Reynolds Hanshi, Larry Young, Ann Waldorf, Ralph Kemp.

They make recommendations on issues and candidates to the Hanshi to help him make timely and educated decisions regarding both groups. There will never be more than 9 members of the council but may be less.

The Hanshi chooses the members of the council and they serve at his pleasure. The president of the council or Roju-Orojuka, is also chosen by the Hanshi and is there to facilitate activities and assignments of the council members.

Based on ancient Japanese customs, the council may be made up of two sub-councils, the senior Roju and the attending Wakadoshiyori. The Roju is made up of members holding the rank of Nidan (2nd Dan) or higher. The Wakadoshiyori shall hold no minimum rank and is now made up of remote members. The president of the council must hold the rank of Sandan (3rd Dan) or higher.

Members of the council will be identified by a white hideyori (outer jacket) with black trim. When not wearing the hideyori they will have a one inch gold (Rojukai) star on the cuff of the left sleeve of the formal uniform. The Wakadoshiyorikai will wear a blue one inch star in the same manner. The president of the council (Roju-Orajuka) will wear a row of 5 stars across the left cuff.

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