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The IBS was founded in 1999 and is a secret society much like a collage Fraternity/Sorority. Membership is by invitation only but will entertain the membership of persons or organizations that petition or request membership. It is not about numbers but about having true warriors and combat systems as part of our membership.

By acknowledging their true warrior nature and studying and practicing the martial way of life, members of the society open doors to a rich heritage of ethical principles. More importantly, the martial way of living is a holistic discipline aimed at the pursuit of excellence. While others may play sports, or practice and study Karate, the IBS member endeavors to apply the Way in all aspects of their lives. The society studies not only the combative parts of the Way, but also the associated aesthetic and artistic facets, such as Zen, philosophy, meditation, and calligraphy, to name a few.

Western Martial Arts are becoming more sport oriented and older styles of traditional arts are losing their historical perspective. The society is dedicated to preserving those legacies in a private, social environment. The society itself is not a martial style or system; but rather, it gathers rituals and values from all arts thought to be in danger of being lost in modern martial training.

Bushido actually comes from a combination of words. “Bushi” which means “Warrior” and “Do” which means way. To simplify it, you can say it means “the way of the warrior”.  A “Do” form is an art that allows you to grasp the ultimate nature of the whole of life by examining yourself in great detail through a singular aspect of life: To grasp the universal through the particular.

Mind and body harmony is vital for realizing our full potential in daily living and remains the central elements needed for mastery of the classical martial ways. A traditional instructor is not selling a service. He is giving you a part of his life.

The IBS is designed to also work as a filtering system for some of the more complicated arts that are studied. As a member progresses through the society and proves their dedication to the group, they may be invited to other inner secret circles.

The founder and head of the society has studied martial arts continuously for over 60 years and has extensive experience in real combat as a soldier and law enforcement officer. He has founded his own system of martial art which he teaches in conjunction with the IBS activities.

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